Very Many Problems Caused By Mold

Black mold grows on a wall.Mold is a fungus that grows in moist, wet areas. Any place with a predestined amount of moisture will trigger the production of mold. May it be a duct, roof, wet wall, panel, ceiling tile, carpet or furniture; mold has the ability to infest all these areas in an effortless manner! Meanwhile, mold can enter into your house from outdoors through open vents, windows and doors. Additionally, it is quite interesting to note that mold has the ability to get attached to pets, clothes and shoes. As the fungus enters and grows in your house, you will sense a musty odor & damp feel!

Mold is strongly related with many health risks. In this article, you will get a quick review through these common health problems.

Mycotoxins from Mold

Mold produces many irritants and harmful substances. These substances are regarded as allergens, which would induce different kinds of problems in the body. A very harmful toxin produced by mold would be “Mycotoxins”. Unfortunately, the condition under which the harmful Mycotoxins are produced is yet to be studied and understood. – More on the effect of black mold

Allergic Reactions Caused by Mold

As mentioned previously, a very common health issue caused by mold would be “Allergic Reactions”. These reactions may develop over a period of time or affect you immediately. The actual vigor and impact of these allergic reactions will depend on how sensitive you are. For instance, if your skin is extremely sensitive, you will spot prominent rashes and redness!

Mold That Affects Young, Healthy People

Both, active mold spores and mold has the power to cause allergic reactions in the body. Conversely, the symptoms of mold allergy would include skin irritation, rash, skin redness, sneezing, wheezing, runny nose, frequent tearing, redness of eye and coughing. During adverse conditions, you may face unexpected asthma attacks. This is a prudent symptom faced by people with a weak immune system, chronic breathing problems and lung issues. However, black mold Stachybotrys is a special kind of mold that causes skin irritation even in healthy individuals.

What Happens when you live with Mold?

A study that was conducted by the Institute of Medicine in 2004 proved that mold causes many upper respiratory tract problems like wheezing and cough. Also, mold would worsen asthma in individuals who are affected by the health condition. Additionally, mold is often linked with hypersensitivity pneumonitis. This is an uncommon illness that is similar to traditional pneumonia. If you live with mold for more than five years, you will be susceptible to prolonged cold and breathing problems.

An endless that differs from Person to Person!

Finally, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that weak individuals will face serious problems like memory loss and pulmonary hemorrhage due to mold. Severe reactions caused by mold spores would include difficulty in breathing and high fever. Moreover, people with compromised immunity and chronic lung problems will develop many unexpected infections. This is an endless list that differs from person to person, age to age, gender to gender and location to location!