Who to follow on Google Plus? Famous Techies in Google+


In this competitive era, Google+ and Twitter have become everyone’s favorite social media networks. Though some people consider Google+ as an active ghost town; it does have lots of scope for commoners and potential entrepreneurs. Google Plus has many interactive communities with marketers, engineers and techies. You may need to buy google plus ones to reach the topThese groups are famous for it’s high quality content and frequent updates. So, with so many communities around you – the question who to follow on Google Plus becomes evident.

If you are searching for skilled techies, in Google+, you will definitely find the following names useful. Here are eight well renowned technicians in Google Plus.

Techie #1 – Harry McCracken

The list of techies in Google+ begins with Harry McCracken. He is also known as controversial King. Harry McCracken is famous for his interesting posts. Moreover, McCracken’s sense of humor will definitely leave you awestruck. In most cases, he remains discriminative of what he likes and posts. This gives him a rank in the collection of best techies to be followed in Google+.

Techie #2 – Jillian C. York

Next in line would be Jillian C. York. Officially, York is the director of “International Freedom of Expression at the Electronic Frontier Foundation”. She has a strong insight into speech, media and human rights. York tends to post amazing links on digital age in Google Plus.

Techie #3 – Alexander Howard

Alexander Howard is another famous name in the list of Google Plus warriors! He abridges the gap between technology, citizens and the government. If you wish to know anything and everything in the public sector that co-relates with the digital era, you should follow Alexander Howard.