Bolder fitness


If you are looking for a gym with a difference, one that is focused on private training, then Bolder Fitness is the perfect gym for you.  The trainers are more than focused to give you the best experience that you are looking for.

So why choose Bolder Fitness

Bolder fitness is one gym whose purpose to promote fitness and wellness among the gym members.  That is the reason why they have different services and training activities that will enable you to achieve your fitness goals

  • The trainers

With several years of experience, the gym instructors have skills and techniques that will benefit you.  They have a vast knowledge on fitness, nutrition and general fitness.  Because of their passion and dedication, most people are motivated to continue with their gym routines.  Once you choose a trainer, you will get the one on one training sessions that is personalized to meet your different needs.

  • Membership

The gym offers different membership services that are suitable for all persons regardless of the level of fitness. One thing you will get to enjoy when you join the gym is the scrapping off of the joining fee.  Although this is temporary, if you join the gym you will not pay the joining fee.

Their different packages include;

  • Gold package; this package includes the full membership and all the benefits that come with it. This means that there are no restrictions imposed when you pay this monthly package.
  • Silver package; this package comes with permission to use the gym and other services for three days every week. You are responsible for choosing the days that you will want to exercise.
  • Bronze package; this involves workout session that are monitored by time. You will be able to use the gym between 11am to 4 pm with no weekends.
  • The training

Once you choose a membership package a trainer will help you establish your fitness goals and come up with strategies of achieving the goals.  With the different programs that have been designed, you will be able to achieve your goals easily.

  • Nutrition

Nutrition is one of the important departments of the gym. They offer b12 shots alternatives. Their focus is to have a total lifestyle change and that is why they have the different nutrition programs. The nutrition programs are operated by certified and qualified nutritionists who will help you come up with a strategy to achieve your ultimate fitness goals. Whether you are looking for weight loss, weight maintenance or just general fitness, the different programs will enable you to achieve just that.

The programs have been designed to provide you with body nutrition and fitness. That is why they do not focus in diet change only. They have other activities that will enable each and every individual to thrive and achieve body fitness. The nutritionists believe that it takes more than food and exercise to achieve fitness and maintain it. That is why they try to come up with a nutrition plan that is focused on the individual goals and objectives. The plan usually involves different things including; weight loss, nutrition maintenance among others.